The Magical Power of Elephants

Elephants are beautiful, majestic animals, considered sacred in many cultures in our world, where they often represent power and strength. They are also related to the sacred feminine and connect all humans to this side of themselves.

What Is My Spirit Animal is a website that gives information on several animals that are thought to be sacred like the elephant. They mention a religious group in Denmark called the Order of the Elephant where it symbolizes piety, gentleness and temperance.

Also, in Sicily, what is known as the Elephant Spirit has ties with sorcery and magic. The Africans venerate the elephant as well for its mental keenness, long life, endurance and devotion.

Religion, Mythology and Symbolism of the Elephant

The elephant appears in several religions and traditions around the world as a sacred animal. They are considered to be very positive and are revered as deities. In Hinduism, for example, wisdom is represented by Ganesh, a god that has a human form but an elephant head. Japanese Buddhism also has a version of this deity known as Kangiten.

Ganesh is revered as the remover of obstacles, as well as the patron of arts and sciences. He is also considered to be the deva of intellect and wisdom. In ceremonies he is honored at the start because he is known as the god of beginnings.

The story behind Ganesh’s elephant head varies. Some say that the Hindu god Shiva beheaded him and replaced his head with that of an elephant. Other stories claim that Ganesh was already born with an elephant head with some further stating that he had more than one head.

Also, it is often believed that since Shiva considered Ganesh to be too alluring, he gave him the head of an elephant and a protruding belly, like you can see in statues and images of this god. Because Shiva is one of the most popular gods within Hinduism and considered to be the "destroyer of evil and the transformer", perhaps he did transform Ganesh from a human to the way he is depicted today!

The Elephants Support the Earth

According to Hindu cosmology of ancient India, the Earth is supported and guarded by mythical World Elephants, as they are referred to, at the compass points of the cardinal directions. When an earthquake occurs, it is because these elephants decided to shake their bodies when they get tired of carrying the Earth.

Elephants are depicted as mystical creatures which is quality that may be attributed to them based on the unfamiliarity humans have with this beautiful animal. This has given place to wide interpretations and has made the elephants rise to the category of mythological beings.

Why it is Good to Carry an Elephant with You

Okay, not literally because elephants weight around five tons so it is impossible to carry a real one with you, but you can take an image of an elephant wherever you go without the need of a crane or a giant container.

Elephants are surrounded by positivism and good energy, so if you have a picture or a drawing of an elephant with you, you should be protected with their magical powers.

I am an animal lover and have always admired elephants for their intelligence, compassion, and the demonstration of wonderful feelings towards others that surround them. Having them in circus shows or zoos makes me sad and I wish they were just left alone in their natural habitat doing whatever they feel like doing. This is why I think that the best way to have an elephant near you for protection and good vibes is with a handbag.

You can put your valuables inside and the elephant powers will protect them (and you) wherever you go. I’m pretty sure that the pachyderm image will also give you mental strength, since in Indian culture it is believed to do so. Oh, and it is also associated with responsibility, so maybe it can help you achieve your goals more responsibly! What do you think?

Do you like elephants? Or, do you have another favorite animal, and why?