Whether you want to improve your health, work on your muscles or even lose weight, exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Not only can exercise help to lower the risk of illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but it can also have great mental benefits - your confidence can improve, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after achieving your next fitness goal, and exercise can even encourage your body to produce endorphins, which are a chemical known to boost your mood and help keep sadness and depression at bay.

Most people understand the benefits and importance of staying fit and healthy, and so they decide to start going to the gym more, or walk to work instead of taking the car. These lifestyle changes often start out well, but it only takes a week of awful weather or three days of being too busy to work out for motivation to wane, and before long it has been over a month since your last trip to the gym. Once the motivation to get fit and exercise has been lost, it can be difficult to find it again, but with the right help, it can be easy to get back on track.

Packing your gym bag before heading off for a work out, it’s possible that you wouldn’t even have considered slipping a gemstone next to your trainers and tracksuit, but these beautiful, naturally-occurring stones can actually help you to find the motivation and energy to stick with your new fit-ness regime. Gemstones have been used for their healing and beneficial energies for thousands of years, and are still popular for their spiritual and mood-boosting advantages today. With over 100 types of gemstones available and each of them possessing unique energies, there’s a stone to help you with whatever you need.

Take, for example, the Tiger’s Eye. Just like the the animal from which this stone gets its name, the Tiger’s Eye is associated with strength, courage and great physical ability. If you’re struggling to find the willpower to join a new gym or take that first step to change your lifestyle, then this is the stone for you. Emitting supportive and empowering energies, Tiger’s Eye will help you to overcome any nerves about your first time at a sports club or group, and will present you with the ability to surprise yourself.

Another option that will help you in your quest for success is the Carnelian. A popular choice among people who play a lot of sports or work in manual labour, the Carnelian is believed to help the wearer improve their own stamina and maintain energy levels. If you often find yourself feeling exhausted after just a small amount of activity, or your legs feel like jelly after just 15 minutes on an exercise bike, then this stone should stimulate your inner strength and give you the boost you need to finish your workout.

If you are concerned about the way that other gym users will perceive you, or worry that you’ll be in awful shape compared to everyone else at your new dance class, then make sure to slip a Blood-stone into your pocket before you go. Bloodstone is a protective stone, providing the wearer with the emotional strength to walk into any situation with their head held high. Anytime that you start to feel embarrassed or doubt your own abilities, place this gem in the palm of your hand and remember that no matter how strong or fit the people around you may be, they were once as unsure and nervous as you were. As an added bonus, this stone is often used for its purifying energies, helping with detoxification of the body - a great help for anyone attempting to lose weight or start feeling healthier.

Finally, if you find yourself feeling stiff or sore after your workout, then you’ll want to keep an Ame-thyst nearby. Amethysts promote healing by surrounding the the wearer with calming, soothing energies, which should help to keep discomfort at bay. Placing an Amethyst beside the bath while you have a warm, stress-relieving soak is a great way to relax after exercising, and the water should help to ease any muscle pain, leaving you with a clear, open mind and allowing the Amethyst’s healing energies to do their job.

Finding the motivation and courage to take the first step to change your lifestyle can be difficult, as can maintaining a fitness regime when you’re still stiff from your last workout and it feels as though you just aren’t making progress. You are not the only person to ever face this issue - no matter how at-ease the people at your gym might seem, or how determined and successful that fitness blogger on social media may be, they were all once just like you. Great results don’t happen over night, but if you keep working on your fitness and overcome your worries, then you’ll soon start to notice a difference in yourself and begin to feel better. By keeping one of the gemstones mentioned above with you while you exercise and staying positive, you’ll soon start to see an improvement in your abilities and experience the benefits that an active lifestyle can bring.

By Kennguru - Kukkutasana by Nina Mel, CC BY 3.0