Is there anything better than twinkling Christmas lights, roaring wood fires and a general atmosphere of festivity and cheer? The holidays aren’t just about gifts – they’re about being with your nearest and dearest while bringing out the magic in the cold, cozy month of December. Still, Christmas is a wonderful excuse to show your loved ones that you care – and thoughtful gifts are one great way to do just that.


We love any reason for gift-giving here at Mystic Self, and that’s why we’ve come up with a list of ideas to make that special someone beam with happiness. Whether you choose to get creative with a handcrafted gift or think outside the box by picking one of our unique selections below, a thoughtful Christmas gift is sure to be remembered for many years to come. So, keep reading for some serious gift-giving inspiration!


Get Creative And Make Something Handmade


Is there anything better than receiving a gift someone has created with their own hands? Whether it’s a newly knitted hat or scarf, or a beautiful watercolor scene, handmade gifts always seem that little bit more special. The idea of making a gift from scratch may strike fear in the hearts of those who consider themselves to be non-creative (or “artistically challenged” – as some like to call it), but worry not! There are actually so many ways to add that special, personalized touch to a gift without having to do anything too complicated.


Why not put together a scrap book filled with old memories – it doesn’t require any artistic abilities other than cutting and sticking, and the emotional resonance it delivers is huge! You can  also create  a unique fragrance or perfume for that special someone. You can  achieve this by purchasing  multiple shop-bought scents, or by getting out into the garden and gathering up some winter flowers and dried fruits to make the scent from scratch. Whatever homemade option you go for, special hand-crafted gifts are always appreciated!


Pick Out Personalized Gifts To Make Them Smile

If you don’t have the time to make something homemade, you can still come up with an incredible, unique gift by picking out something personalized. No, I don’t just mean by getting them a mug with their name on it (though of course you could do that!) but thinking of subtle ways of making the gift you give special and personal to them. Here at Mystic Self we are gemstone crazy, and we’re a big believer in gifting people jewelry that matches their birthstone.


Everybody loves receiving a new necklace, earrings, bracelet or anklet – and buying a set that matches their birth stone (of their favorite color) is a nice way of adding a special, personal touch. You can also make a typical gift more special by adding a little note to each one telling them why you appreciate them and all the value they add to your life. Whatever way you customize your personalized gift of choice, the important thing is that you make that special someone feel happy and cared for on Christmas day.


Fill A Festive Box With Their Favorite Things


Last but not least on our list, our final gift idea for a spectacular Christmas present is a box filled with the favorite things of your lucky gift-recipient. Sometimes picking out one gift is just too much pressure – what if they don’t like it? What if it doesn’t look good enough? All these worries can be eased if you decide to opt for lots of little gifts, rather than just one big one. And you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll like it or not if you go for things you know they love.


Whether it’s picking out their favorite brand of candy, seeking out gift vouchers to their local restaurant, baking cupcakes you know they love or picking out jewelry and clothes in their favorite color. Why not add some festive touches too with some Christmas tree decorations and other Christmas treats to finish things off. All in all, a festive Christmas box packed full of special treats is sure to be a gift winner!


Whatever way you’re planning on  celebrating  Christmas, we have lots of options for gifts to please that special someone (or for yourself!) to make the season jolly and glad. Browse our shop today!