Sometimes it can be easy to forget the power of the natural world that surrounds us. We get caught up in the surface level of life; the nitty-gritty of the everyday. Walking down the road we notice only the flat surface of the sidewalk or the rush of the cars driving next to us. Even for those living in the countryside, the beauty of the surrounding area is sometimes inevitably taken for granted. But nature is everywhere if you look for it. There are scraps of the wild world in the daises poking through concrete slabs and in the wind rustling your hair as you walk to the car. Taking time out of your week to go to your local beauty spot - whether that’s a city park or a national park - has huge benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing. Here are three reasons to pull on your walking boots and explore the great outdoors.

It promotes physical health

This may sound like an obvious benefit, but if you can motivate yourself to go out primarily for the joy of a leisurely walk or to enjoy the beauty of nature, improved fitness is simply a happy side effect. It’s an especially good option for exercise skeptics who are little inclined to go for a run or spend time doing cardio at the gym. Not to mention that walking is one of the best forms of exercise available to us; it’s low-impact, easy on the joints, and if you’re in a picturesque area the miles will fly by much faster than you’d expect. But the physical act of walking isn’t the only benefit to your overall health. Evidence suggests that time spent in nature has been linked with reduced levels of hypertension in people with high blood pressure. So it turns out that a regular stroll through some towering oak trees and lush green fields might just make you a healthier and fitter person. You can sustain this feeling of serenity by wearing pieces of amethyst as they are strongly connected with purification and spiritual enlightenment. What better way to bring a little healthy, beautiful and natural vibrancy into your life!

Mental wellbeing is restored

Modern life is full of all kinds of stresses, both big and small. Over time these niggly things begin to weigh on our mind - sometimes they even begin to interfere with our own personal sense of peace. In moments such as these, it can seem like nothing will restore a sense of serenity, but regularly submerging yourself in nature may be just the antidote you’re seeking. In addition to the physical benefits, multitudes of studies have found that time in the natural world decreases the impact of anxiety while increasing an individual’s sense of life satisfaction. Most of us can express our appreciation for the stunning natural beauty of plants, wildlife, and other aspects of nature, but we cannot explain why it has such a profound impact on our sense of self. Well, according to National Geographic, it may be hardwired into our genes. Peridot is the perfect gemstone to magnify this effect - not only does it mirror the glimmering green of nature, many find it has a positive power that increases an individual’s ability to appreciate the world.

It increases respect for the natural world

It’s no secret that our earth has been given something of a bashing since the explosion of the industrial era. While many people are waking up to the serious consequences of this, on an individual level, it’s sometimes a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. One of the most wonderful things scientists have observed when studying the human impact of time spent outdoors is that people develop a greater respect for nature. Just imagine if people all around the world spent just one day a week walking around their favorite outdoor spots! It would be sure to lead to greater conservation for wildlife and improved human health worldwide. If you’re enthusiastic about spending more exploring the outdoors , why not pick out some jewelry from our moonstone range? It is known for its protective qualities, especially in relation to travel. So, if you’ve got some big hikes or camping trips in the pipeline, it might just be the ideal accessory to bring along.