Have you ever had someone give you a Tarot reading? If the answer is no, but you have heard about itthen you probably imagine it has something to do with an old lady with robes, sitting next to a candle and a crystal ball ready to tell you your fortune.

Tarot reading is a very old “game” from the XV century that consists in using playing cards to achieve information that comes from one’s Higher Self. It was initially used for playing but later evolved into divination.

Many people today think that Tarot is about seeing the future or telling your fortune, but it’s not exactly like that. To me, it’s a tool for achieving information that is within ourselves but that sometimes is not easy for us to see without a little help.

Some people use Tarot to connect with forces that are otherwise unavailable, or also to get to know their own sense of intuition. In the end, everyone gives it a personal use and meaning.

How to use crystals with tarot cards

You can combine crystals with Tarot readings to get a more effective result. As I always say, Clear Quartz, the universal healer, will always be good to have around. But remember to cleanse it first! In this post, I explain how to take care of and cleanse your Amethysts, but the procedure works also for any type of rock.

First l, you can choose the crystals that resonate with you the most when you want to use your Tarot cards. In my case, like I’ve told you before, I LOVE Amethysts and feel a special connection with them, so I like to have one with me when I use my cards.

You can also use crystals with an intended purpose during readings. For instance, Rose Quartz is known to be very helpful for issues that revolve around love and the heart. If you are doing a reading about love then have a Rose Quartz near you for a better connection with those vibes.

You can also surround your deck with crystals in a circle-like shape before doing a reading you think will be really “hard” or perhaps touch sensitive subjects.

While Citrine can help you keep a positive energy around during your readings Amethysts will help transmute the negative ones. This one can also help with visualization and to enhance your intuition.

Use Tiger’s Eye for help in finding directions in your readings and increase your motivation. Black Tourmaline will be useful for protection or if the person you’re reading to feels ungrounded or upset.

About my own Tarot deck

I’m a crazy animal lover, but I especially love cats. I had a fatty orange cat that looked just like Garfield (his name was Melo and he passed away about three years ago at the age of 14). Today, I have two fluffy yellow cats called Padme and Mikoand a dog called Julieta.

So, to the point, I love cats and last year while I was spending a couple of months in Italy, I really wanted to buy a deck of Tarot cards for myself. It was just a feeling I had that made me feel like I had to get one.

One day, I was walking around the streets in Florence minding my own business when I saw a store withcrystals, Tarot cards and much more. I went right inside.

Sensing my uncertainty, t lady at the store told me that the deck chooses you and you should feel which one is attracted to you the most. So, can you guess which deck I selected or should say, selected me? A cat deck! It’s called Tarot of the Pagan Cats and I just love it.

I’m still learning about this fascinating art and it gives me the chills every time I find out about how powerful it is. If you’re skeptical, it’s fine, but I still think you should try it out even if it’s just for fun!