This year spring begins on March 20 and will last until June 21for those who follow the astronomical method. If you use the meteorological calendar, springbegan on March 1 and will end on May 31.

So with spring in the air, I want to talk about gemstones for this wonderful sunny and warm period.

Every season is part of the Earth’s cycle which has an impact on every living being on the planet. Crystals can enhance the energy that the spring equinox brings to us. It’s important to note that if it’s spring for people in the Northern Hemisphere, it is autumn for those in the Southern Hemisphere! So, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere then Spring is arriving for you on March 20!

The Spring Equinox

Spring is a synonym of renewal. If winter had us in an introspective hibernation stage then it’s now time to emerge and continue our growth. This season is associated with colors, creativity, and spirituality. It’s all about freshly cut grass, flowers blooming, and garden sprouts. So, it’s no wonder that those crystals that will help you connect with this cycle are colorful ones.

Green Aventurine is the crystal that will help you connect with the Greek Goddess of Spring, Persephone. This gemstone carries a strong connection to the Earth which will provide you with a better understanding of nature.

If you like gardening, Green Aventurine will help you since it stimulates growth.

Moss Agate is known as the stone for gardeners and agriculturists based on its deep connection with nature. It is also used for improving self-esteem, emotional balance, and positive personality traits.

Amazonite is another spring crystal. It helps heal emotional pain, fear and imbalances by connecting to the heart chakra. Amazonite also disperses negative energies and it is perfect for people who are involved in the arts since it increases self-expression and creativity.

So, perhaps you’ve noticed that all of these crystals which we have highlighted so far are green. This color is not only the color of healing, but it resembles nature and the blossoming that occurs during spring. Nevertheless, other gemstones that are not green, such as Hawk’s Eye, are perfect for creating a deep spring connection.

Hawk’s Eyealso known as Falcon’s Eye, will help you gain perspective and see situations as they really are. It promotes vision, insight and psychic awareness. You can also use it to balance pessimistic behavior and begin to feel happy and “sunny” inside just like a spring day!

Tourmaline is another spring crystal. Like Hawk’s Eye, it is not green, but pink. It is perfect for bringing balance and strengthening the body and spirit. It’s a stone that transmutes lower energies into higher frequencies which is perfect for aligning all chakras at once.

And finally, I will recommend Crystal Quartz which I frequently mention.This stone works for pretty much everything, so why not use or wear it on this spring occasion? Crystal Quartz will help you clarify your thoughts, meditate, and cleanse your energy and the one that surrounds you. It’s no wonder it is referred to as the “universal healer”!

All of these gemstones which we have discussed are perfect for creating a deep connection with the spring equinox, but as I always say, you should use or wear those YOU feel more connected to. In the end, every one of these stones come from nature and they all have very special properties for you.

Which one is your favorite?