We have told you before what crystals go with your astrological sign and how can they help you have a more balanced and happy life. But now I will do some fun research and determine different personality types that match a particular crystal. So, if you were a crystal, which one would you be?

Are you usually the center of attention every¬where you go to, or are you quieter and skeptical about the situations you encounter? Continue reading and find out which crystal you are according to your personality traits!

Bold and Fearless: Lapis Lazuli

If you feel you’re a bold and fearless person and are not afraid to speak the truth, then you’re a lapis lazuli. This crystal has a very high vibrational energy and brings wisdom and awareness to the person who holds it.

Also, if you want to be more like this then carrying a lapis lazuli with you will help you. This stone brings with it a lot of wisdom and awareness and empowers people that have issues with self-expression.

The Instinctive: Tiger’s Eye

This beautiful crystal gets its name from its amber hues that resemble a tiger’s eye. It represents a fierce spirit as well as a focused personality of someone that relies on their instincts to make decisions.

A Tiger’s Eye will allow you to see things more clearly which is excellent for decision-making.. If you have trouble finding focus, this rock will also help you concentrate and gain insight to ensure you’re always on your game.

Always There For Those Who care: Clear Quartz

The clear quartz is a wonderful crystal with lots of healing properties. It is often qualified as a universal healer since it links chakras to provide balance and harmony to a person’s mind, body, and soul.

Are you someone who sincerely likes to help others without waiting for something in return? If you truly love to help and bring peace and harmony to those who surround you then you are a clear quartz.

Are you someone who sincerely likes to help others without waiting for something in return? If you truly love to help and bring peace and harmony to those who surround you then you are a clear quartz.

The Socialite: Citrine

Citrine is named after the French word “citron” which means lemon, but it is actually very sweet! If you’re a kind, loving person, and love to share with others then this is you.

Is your schedule full of meetings with friends or you like to try out new classes or learn something different like a new language then you are a citrine. This stone is very positive and gives whoever carries it both success and abundance. It also cultivates energy that is fertile for growth! And instead of absorbing negative energy like other crystals, it simply clears it away. Just like that!

If you know someone whose presence lights up the room then that person is a citrine. Take it with you if you want to make space for happiness in your life.

The Eccentric: Rose Quartz

Do you absolutely love to express yourself every time you get a chance? Or do you like to be the center of attention and the soul of the party? If this is your type of personality then you’re a rose quartz. This crystal is very inspirational and spreads the love around like a magnet. It also helps you maintain a vibrant and creative flow to make you feel like anything is possible!

Rose quartz allows you to be closer to your heart and in touch with your emotions. You will not only feel like you can give more love to those you care about, but also to yourself. Compassion, happiness, and forgiveness will flow through you if you have a rose quartz. And since you will be vibrating with this beautiful energy, there will be no space left for toxic emotions, people or situations.

Skeptical: Obsidian

If you find it hard to believe everything you hear or read without consulting with your inner self first, you are an obsidian. This beautiful black rock, with a mirror-like surface, helps you clear your mind to know when to either doubt or trust something.

It is said that obsidians block geopathogenic radiation as well as any other types of negative energies. But, it also helps take away dark thoughts and behaviors in your life and provides the necessary courage to do so.

What crystals did I forget to mention and which one do you think represents your personality best? It could be more than one! Leave me a comment below because I’d love to hear from you!