You can read all over the internet that you should "unveil the goddess within you" by being secure in yourself, powerful, and strong, and at the same time, graceful, delicate, and look amazing. We’ve also told you before on this blog how to discover your true goddess potential, and how to dress like one.

It sounds complicated, but with determination, I believe that if that is what you want to accomplish then I’m sure you can do it.

Nevertheless, I wonder what does being a goddess mean to me?

While growing up I never felt I was pretty, even less that I was a goddess. Even though my name Ermelinda has the Spanish word "linda" in it, which means "pretty", kids used to tease me in school calling me "Ermefea" which means "ugly" in Spanish. I would get so angry and self-conscious that I really believed that I was ugly.

Looking back at my pictures, I think I was quite normal looking, but I was definitely weak inside. I was super fragile and let many things get to me. This led me, eventually in my late teens and early twenties, to feel like I really didn’t deserve a partner or at least not one that would love me with all his heart. So, I had a series of relationships, without realizing it, with guys who were unworthy of of my time, my love, my body, and me! It took me some time to finally realize that I wasn’t a Goddess, but a slave. I was a slave of my own low self-esteem.

It wasn’t until I began realizing that the reason why I couldn’t find love from a partner or love for myself was because I was bitter about my life. It was because Itruly believed what the kids told me while growing up which was that I wasn’t pretty. But there was more to this than just looking pretty from the outside. What mattered the most was whether I felt beautiful from the inside and unfortunately I was sad, angry, and many more negative things which made me far from being a Goddess.

Becoming A Goddess Myself

Believe me, this didn’t happen overnight!. It has been a process and it still is, but little by little I began to love myself more and more. All of a sudden, I liked the way I looked and perhaps I also stopped caring if others liked the way I looked.I started to learn pole dance and suddenly I started feeling really sexy!

I felt more and more comfortable in my skin and I think it began to show. I was becoming a confident woman and transforming into a Goddess.But feeling sexy was not the only thing being a Goddess was about. It is also about feeling secure with the decisions that you make in life and putting yourself first.

For years I put myself who knows where, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t first. I realized that before trying to please someone else, like a boyfriend for instance, I needed to please myself. I started asking myself questions like, is this situation worthy of my time? Does this partner meet MY standards? Does this job have the characteristics that I’ve been looking for? And so on.

The thing is that I had to touch rock bottom first to change. I had been in a very toxic relationship for about two years and became very depressed. When it was finally over, not only was I "alone", but I also lost my job, one of my grandparents passed away after a long battle with cancer, my 14-year-old cat died too, I got robbed twice, and lost my chance to finish coaching studies that I had been pursuing for over two years. All of this happened in a two-month time span.

It was tough, but, you know what? I survived! I learned that every day the sun comes out and I can become a stronger person. Six months after I decided to move out of my parents’ house, I adopted a new kitty and two years later I opened up to a new relationship. I was a new person and this time I felt like a real goddess.

I still don’t feel that my transformation is complete or that it ever will be. I do feel goddess-like a lot now. I’m confident with the way I look and dress, I like my life very much, I found someone who I love and loves me too, I enjoy what I do for a living very much, but every now and then I take a step back which I realize it just a normal part of the ups and downs of life.

I think that this is what life is about: learning as much as you can every day and when you are feeling low, try to get back on the goddess track.

Helping Myself With Crystal Magic For Goddesses-In-The-Making

As you already know, crystals will help you with any kind of goal you may have in life. Being a Goddess can be a goal too and you can use gemstones to enhance the Goddess powers you already have.

I always wear an Amethyst pendant everywhere I go, but I also possess the following crystals that have helped me through this wonderful journey of becoming a goddess:

  • Lapis lazuli: This is one of my favorites because it gives you awareness and helps you expand your emotional and metaphysical intellect as well as bring clarity and strength to the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Amazonite: It will empower you whenever you need it. It also encourages you to release self-judgment and connect with inner confidence. In women, it increases self-esteem and reduces tendencies of self-neglect.

  • Larimar: This crystal increases your feminine power and your connection with feminine energy. It also helps you calm down your emotions that can get you out of control. It’s perfect for bringing peace to any situation.

  • Ajoite in Quartz: These stones have a very sweet vibration that immerses you in loving and positive energy. It will also connect with your heart chakra and feel like you have submerged in a sea of divine love for yourself.