What The Egg!


Easter is coming and chocolate eggs are definitely the most classic present we give each other on this occasion. A crunchy and gluttonous shell that encloses an unexpected surprise! So why not personalize the surprise with a precious gift for a loved one?

A jewel is a lasting gift and perfect surprise since its small size makes it easy to slip into an egg. So, let’s have a look at some creative ideas on how to wrap it Easter style!

There are two main ways to wrap a gift inside a chocolate shell. Either you can prepare the egg yourself with a specific mold or you can open an existing chocolate egg created and put your surprise inside. Chocolate eggs of different sizes are perfect for all kinds of jewels and is especially recommended to hide something a little larger such as a necklace.


Chocolate Eggs Designer



If you want to make a homemade Easter egg, you will need a special mold and a little patience to temper the chocolate before pouring it in.

Tempering the chocolate makes it crisper, shiny and easier to take off from the mold. While making it at home, you can personalize the egg as you prefer, choose the type of chocolate, alternate different types, decorate it with some dried fruit or candy inclusions and even create more elaborate textures by coloring the white chocolate with fat-soluble dyes. It all depends on your manual ability and creativity.

Rules Breaker

If you prefer to opt for an existing egg, you just need to heat a thin spatula to split the egg in half and then following the conjunction, insert the precious gift. A nice card or a handwritten note can be included to add to your special gift. To close the egg, simply melt some chocolate in a bain-marie or a microwave oven and use it as a glue to join the two halves. While handling the egg, it’s preferable to use gloves to protect the chocolate from your fingerprints or the heat of your hands. You can decide whether to wrap the egg in the original paper for a greater surprise effect or customize the outer packaging as you like. Your gift is now ready. Be prepared to watch your gift leave her speechless!


Crafting Treasures



Besides the classic chocolate egg, it is also possible to create original gift packages using simple natural eggs, decorated for this purpose. This size is especially recommended for bracelets and anklets. There are infinite ways to decorate them such as painting some customized texture using simple tempera colors or covering the whole surface with small pieces of tissue paper soaked in vinyl glue. You may also add glitters and adhesive beads or even dye eggs directly with food colors. It is even possible to obtain natural and ecological colors from vegetables like blueberries, red cabbage, beetroot, nettles, and turmeric. For optimal results, eggs with white shell are recommended to highlight the soft colors of natural dyes.

To make your own little decorated egg, the first step is to empty and clean it thoroughly. Use a pin to make a small hole underneath about a centimeter in diameter and one much smaller on the top. Now, with the help of a straw placed on the smaller hole, blow all its contents out. Then proceed to wash it carefully with soap and water. Leave it to dry and... have fun!

In the end, you will just need to slip the chosen jewel through the widest hole and seal it with colored adhesive paper or a bow.



Last Minute Eggs


If have neither the time nor the desire to try your hand at DIY, but still desire to give your loved one that sweet Easter symbol of the chocolate and the egg combined then you can still do it!
Just hide your gift inside a transparent plastic egg full of mini chocolate eggs and attach a nice colored bow on top! The idea is simple but effective and will create that special everlasting memory!