Experiencing change is an unavoidable part of life, but when it happens, we often find ourselves unprepared. Being in a situation that you have no control over, such as losing your job, the death of a loved one, or being forced to move home, can leave you feeling lost, scared and uncertain. At the very least, change can be disruptive, meaning that it takes you a long time to get things back to the way you want them to be. If you’re struggling to adjust to a recent change in your life, or you know that a big change is on the horizon, then try not to panic – you’re in the right place.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog then you’ll know all about the beneficial and healing energies of gemstones and how easy it is to incorporate them into your life. If, however, you’re new to this website and don’t know much about gemstones, then you may be surprised to hear that throughout history, people around the world have been using gemstones to improve and change their lives – a practice that is still a part of life for many men and women today! There are many different types of gemstones and each and every one is associated with a positive, healing, or beneficial energy or power that users believe can be harnessed in order to improve their own personal lives and situations. For this reason, a gemstone can be the perfect tool to help you deal with any change that comes your way.

Take, for example, the Chrysocolla. This lesser-known stone is often considered to be ideal for healing and medical situations, but its associations with balance and harmony mean that it is also a great stone to help you deal with disruptive change and the effect that it can have on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Many believe that the Chrysocolla can help to dispel worries and fears and allow you to see the future in a more positive light. It is believed that the best way to harness this gem’s energies is by wearing it near or around your neck as either part of a necklace or on a brooch.

Going through a big change can often leave you feeling disheartened or miserable. If you’re struggling to find reasons to stay positive then a Citrine could be the answer – many find that this charming yellow stone, associated with the sun, produces a warm, uplifting energy that reminds them of a bright and joyful summer’s day. Additionally, this gem which is believed to combat and remove any negative energy that might be surrounding its wearer, is supposed to help you feel more hopeful and positive about your situation. One fantastic way to benefit from a Citrine is to hold onto it as you meditate and relax – the calmer your mind is, the easier it will be for the Citrine to do its job.

Finally, one slightly unusual gemstone that you should consider using is the Watermelon Tourmaline. Watermelon Tourmalines are beautiful green and pink stones that – as their name would suggest – look like a slice of watermelon. They make great conversation starters and are popular choices for jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Of course, there’s more to this gem than meets the eye; this naturally occurring stone is believed to possess strong healing powers with the ability to remove confusion and imbalances from your life so that you can see situations more clearly. It is also thought to promote harmony and balance similar to the Chrysocolla. There are many ways to use this stone, but wearing it or slipping it into your pocket as you go about your day are thought to be highly effective.

As stated above, change is an unavoidable part of life and sometimes it can happen suddenly and without warning which means you have absolutely no time to prepare yourself for it. This however does not mean that there is nothing you can do when you find your life being turned upside-down by an unstoppable force – staying positive, thinking clearly and coming up with a plan to minimise disruption will help you to come to terms with your new situation and keep moving forward no matter how difficult things become. A gemstone may not solve all of your problems, but introducing some positive and healing energies into your life is a great way to start getting over the effects of a massive change.

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Sander Van der Wel – Into the Sun (CC BY-SA 2.0)