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Feeling Stressed? The Relaxing Energies of Gemstones
Money is tight, the bills are stacking up, and your car has just broken down. You’ve got an important meeting in an hour that could lead to a promotion, but you’ve woken up with a sore throat. You’ve been busy all week, the house is a mess, and now your in-laws have just arrived for a surprise visit.

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The Secret Ingredient for a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you want to improve your health, work on your muscles or even lose weight, exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Not only can exercise help to lower the risk of illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but it can also have great mental benefits - your confidence can improve, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after achieving your next fitness goal, and exercise can even encourage your body to produce endorphins, which are a chemical known to boost your mood and help keep sadness and depression at bay.

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Three natural ways to help combat a winter cold

There are lots of great things that you might associate with the autumn and winter months such as fun holidays, seasonal hot drinks, cozy knitted sweaters and snow. Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-great things that come with the colder weather such as colds, coughs and sneezes. While the average adult will get a cold a couple of times throughout the year, it can seem as though it’s impossible to get through the winter months without catching one, and you’re more likely to notice the number of people in your office, school, or local grocery store sniffing and sneezing around you.

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For many people around the world, October 31st marks Halloween, the scariest and spookiest night of the year. Thought to have pagan origins, Halloween in modern times has become an occasion for dressing up, carving pumpkins and telling ghost stories. Yet while many view the day as a time for care-free fun and scary movies, for some people the frightening experiences and negative energies aren’t confined to just a single day.

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Channeling your inner Goddess: How to be Compassionate, Caring and Kind

Hindu Goddesses are powerful embodiments of the feminine soul, representing everything that is good about women and considered to be worthy of respect and worship. From Parvati the protector to Lakshmi, who is associated with luck, wealth and prosperity, the positive traits associated with popular Goddesses make them ideal role models for women of all ages and backgrounds.

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Gemstones: A Meaningful Gift

It’s officially December which can only mean one thing: the holidays are approaching. Whether you’re preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, or even just a long-awaited New Years’ Eve party, chances are that you have gifts to buy for a host, friend, or loved one.

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New Year, New You: How to keep your 2017 resolutions

When the clock struck midnight on December 31st and the new year officially began, men and women across the world resolved to change their lives in 2017. For some people, this will be the year that they finally lose weight, meet the love of their life, or get a well-earned promotion. Others set smaller goals such as saving money on their grocery bills, drinking more water, or eating five pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. Whatever your new year’s resolution was, chances are that you may already be struggling to keep it – when it comes to setting goals, the first two weeks in January are vital, as this is the time when you are most likely to give up, lose hope, or get distracted.

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From Holi to Shambhala: five amazing festivals that will change your life

On January 28th, parties and parades will be held across the world to celebrate Chinese New Year and introduce the year of the rooster. This holiday, based on the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar, is extremely important for the Chinese and is often marked with fireworks, family gatherings and traditional performances.

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