Crystal Clear Quartz Bracelet

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An alluring neutral-colored stone bracelet with beautiful clear quartz beads. This gemstone bracelet represents only one word, namely “elegance”. This is the perfect jewelry if you just simply want to show off your natural beauty.


  • This majestic looking bracelet will add that important touch of elegance to your wardrobe. With the backdrop of your skin, this bracelet looks amazing when worn especially when the sun is shining bright. The reflection is dazzling and from afar at first glance, one might think that you are wearing a diamond bracelet.
  • The Crystal Clear Quartz bracelet is known for its healing properties which makes it appropriate if you intend to find both physical and mental healing. With this beauty on your arm, your mind will be less chaotic even amidst great pressure. You will have the ability to deal with issues without breaking down because with healing comes strength to face anything your day brings forth.
  • Gift this to a woman who you think needs physical and mental healing. If that woman is you well, you will not only look spectacular but also strong courtesy of the healing properties of the crystal quartz bracelet.


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