Crystal Clear Quartz Anklet

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A captivating clear-colored anklet that is created with natural crystal clear quartz gemstone beads. The neutral glow of this jewelry piece is a perfect match with any raiment and shows off your natural beauty.


  • As the name suggests, this beautiful handmade Anklet is Crystal Clear. It is just what a woman needs when they want to accessorize and look unique without seeming like they tried too hard. The sparkling look of this anklet makes it perfect for accessorizing with outfits of different colors since it is crystal clear and practically goes with any color. With an adjustable anklet, it becomes convenient for anyone who prefers to wear it either above or below the ankle bone.
  • Its mystical properties are also something to take advantage of. The stone is believed to enable energy and emotional balance and repels any negative energy. Negative energy is the last thing you need when you are looking elegant and ready to step out and enjoy a new day.
  • Wearing it during summer is perfect thanks to all colors that will be flashing by and reflecting on it. Besides, the sparkle will catch the sun rays and shine making the wearer look even more elegant. Do you want gemstone jewelry that looks elegant but nothing too flashy for casual accessorizing? The Crystal Clear Quartz Anklet should be your choice.


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