Crystal Clear Quartz Necklace

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A lovely Clear colored stone necklace with beautiful clear quartz beads full of brilliance, reflects light and color, very classy, breath-taking beautiful and elegant.


  • Class, elegance, and clarity describe this necklace. The beads are crystal clear as the name suggests and owning this necklace no doubt shows your great taste in simple and elegant jewelry. Nothing like sheer brilliance to make your day awesome. The crystal clear quartz has the tendency to reflect light and radiate lovely sparks of color that will have you appreciating the stones natural beauty.
  • For a classy look that isn't exaggerated, wear this necklace. If you are going to spend your time outdoors, then all the more reason to wear this necklace because it will reflect the sunlight and look amazingly beautiful. From afar an observer might actually mistake it for a shiny diamond glittering in the sun. Wear it with a subtle outfit so as not to steal the thunder from this elegant jewelry piece.
  • The Clear Quartz gemstone enhances clarity of thought and pureness of heart, promoting harmony and love in your life. Wearing Crystal Clear Quartz is believed to help open the heart and mind to higher guidance. This helps bring clarity, harmony, healing, and calmness.


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