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  • They Are Not Yester-Century-You Can Rock Jewelry Sets The Modern Way

    Sep 17 2020

    Gemstone Jewelry sets are rarely worn these days by some fashion-forward women.  But what these modern women lack more than their ancient counterparts is the luxury of having their Jewelry selected for them by a Jewelry designer. Things have changed because today, women can pick a Jewelry set for themselves without a stylish designer suggesting anything.  Further,  blogs  like Fun and Fashion exist today to educate women about the right fashion trends for achieving a polished look.

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  • Rock Your Interview or First Date With The Right Gemstone Jewelry

    Sep 07 2020

    Your gemstone jewelry can make a significant difference. It could mean more than just showcasing a great fashion taste, and make the difference when it comes to getting what you want or not. It could be a first date or a job interview that you want to dress up for. Your choice of attire and jewelry will determine whether you land that job or win your date's heart.

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  • Are You The Lady In Red Today? Create The Perfect Monochrome Red Look

    Aug 25 2020

    Red in fashion is striking and stylish.  If you are going red, it is only proper that you go all out and stand out boldly. Red will always give you that memorable look. All you have to do is accessorize your red outfit with vivid-colored jewelry. What is more vivid than gemstone jewelry!

    They could be a pair of deep red gemstone earrings shining beautifully. You want this brilliant monochrome look, and your color is red? No need to fret, you can create the perfect monochrome red look to match your personal style.

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  • Taking Your Strapless Dress To The Next Level With Gemstone Accessories   

    Aug 12 2020

    Nothing like a lovely strapless dress to make you look feminine. The strapless dresses have been timeless and perfect for all elegant occasions. If you are a fan of the strapless dress, you will need to take your dress to the next level fashion. It shouldn’t be just another strapless dress look walking around. First, you will need the most gorgeous strapless dress you can find. Next, you need to pick fabulous gems to achieve absolute gorgeousness. 

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  • Blue Besties, Gemstones, and Girlfriends Day!

    Jul 28 2020

    The nineties saw an influx of jeanswear in fashion trends. Today jeans have been revived as a fashion trend and paired beautifully with gemstones. With girlfriend’s day coming up, you can make the most of this fashion classic and look your best as you celebrate this special day with your female friends. 

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