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  • The Art Of The All-White Outfit

    Nov 29 2020

    Rocking white outfits could be the in-thing as the year comes to an end. It could be an easy feat but, for the majority who are not fashionistas, this could be difficult. For those who are already fashionistas, perhaps you could learn a few things on how to make your all-white look distinct. Of course, we can’t do this without accessorizing with our ever-wonderful gemstones. They are essential in achieving that white-hot look, which could be perfect for any occasion you want to attend. 


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  • Winter Is Coming! And So Is Fashion!

    Nov 15 2020

    Winter comes every year and it is usually a wonderful time of the year. However, not all who love dressing to the nines will be so impressed with the weather.  However, true fashionistas will know a thing or two about styling up in winter clothing. You might be a lover of easy, breezy fashion that is usually common with warm weather but you will also come to love the cool options that come with the cool, crisp autumn air or winter season.

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  • 6 Makeup Ideas To Get The Gorgeously Creepy Look This Halloween

    Oct 22 2020

    The spooky holiday is around the corner. Usually, it is all about the outfits, and most often, we want to have the most jaw-dropping Halloween costumes ever. However, as you do with your costumes, think about your makeup and jewelry too. Those two can make or break your Halloween look.  

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  • Costume and Gemstone Jewelry Ideas To Rock Your Halloween This Year

    Oct 09 2020

    Halloween is one of the most fun events of the year. This year should be no different even with the COVID-19 pandemic. Halloween should be celebrated, and people should not only bling their pumpkin but, they should also adorn themselves with the best jewelry to accentuate their costumes. Some costumes look great on women during Halloween, and they rank from fairy princess, a lady knight to the evil queen.
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  • Should I Wear Light Or Dark Gemstone Jewelry?

    Sep 28 2020

    Should I wear light or dark jewelry? This is one dilemma most women have when it comes to choosing their gemstone jewelry. The difficulty arises when it comes to buying gemstone jewelry for a special event. Women will always try to figure out whether they should wear that light and colorful Multi-Agate Necklace or choose a dark Black Spinel Necklace.

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