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  • Dress Well For Public Speaking And Create The Best Impression

    Jul 13 2021

     Are you planning for a public presentation or speaking event?  Perhaps you are doing a presentation at work, a speech for a particular gathering, or you are a female politician who is conscious about style and wants to project the right image. The impression you give your audience matters a lot. You have probably adequately prepared your speech, but what about your attire and the physical appearance that you project to your audience?   Have you picked the right outfit and appropriate accessories such as jewelry?

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  • 7 Fun Ways To Wear Rainbow Colors This Pride Month

    Jun 18 2021

    Colors are an essential part of fashion whether you are a member of the LGBT community or not. So, happy pride month to all color enthusiasts out there when it comes to fashion. This is the month to don all rainbow fashions in style and celebrate our diversity as a global community.

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  • Rocking Sophistication And Class In Your Everyday Look

    Jun 04 2021

    Has the time come for you to change your style? A dash of sophistication and class, perhaps, could be precisely what you need. Your lifestyle might have changed; maybe you got a new job, moved to the city, or want to look different. Whatever your inspiration is, it is time to improve your style and look great. You can make the transition easier now that you have stumbled upon this page. Featured here are ways of styling yourself with a sophisticated, classy, and chic style that you can rock for years and even the rest of your life if you want to.

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  • Fashion Mama Types-Appreciate Your Fashion Mom

    May 08 2021

    Mothers are special, and children learn a lot from their mothers the moment they are born. You probably learned organization, ideals and developed that strong sense of right and wrong with your mother's help. Well, there is something else you might have learned from your mother, and that is fashion. From the way your mother dressed, you probably learned something from that. Before you developed your sense of style in the early ages, your mother helped you dress up and picked out your outfits for you. She was your first fashion inspiration before you even knew what fashion was. You have watched her dress all this time, and by now, you know what she prefers. What kind of fashion style is your mother currently following?

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  • The Stylish Mom: This Mother's Day And Forevermore

    Apr 29 2021

    Mother is an honorable title, and this coming Mother's Day, we will all remember our mothers and the mother figures in our lives. There is this image of Mother that we all have. A loving face, wearing comfortable clothing, no make-up, and taking care of everyone in the family. Do we ever think of a mother being all stylish and glamorous at home, sitting on the patio reading a fashion magazine, a glass of sweet wine in her hand, and everyone in the family being at her beck and call? No! Most likely, we think of a mother as the one who loves and takes care of the home and everyone.

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