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Garnet Earrings

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This crystal belongs to the group of silicate minerals that is used as a gemstone and also as an abrasive. It can occur in many colors, such as red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, and colorless.

As for its special properties, Garnet can help those who feel lost or disconnected from the present, that is, thinking too much about the past or the future, instead of the current moment.

In Chinese medicine, Garnet is used for supporting the flow of Chi throughout the body and boost the detox of negative energies and emotions that the body manifests. And as for those who are in a relationship, Garnet helps deepen romantic love.


  • The garnet is a very popular gemstone because of its availability in many colors except blue. In these case the Garnet earrings are purple and they exhibit this brilliant sparkle, thanks to their good clarity and refraction of light. The beauty and elegance of these earrings make them ideal for completing a great fashionable look.
  • You will definitely not go wrong when you decide to gift a lady with a pair of Garnet earrings. Ladies from ancient times have appreciated anything that is made of garnet as a gift. For those who don


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