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Multi Agate Earrings

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Agate stones have colorful stripes, are part of the chalcedony family and it belongs to the Quartz group. The variety of colors include black, yellow, pink, gray, white and brown.

Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. It also provides personal security for people who work in dangerous situations, such as policemen, or even chefs. As for people who need physical strength on a daily basis, such as dancers, dentists, and recreational workers, agate will bring it for them.

In you need help for concentrating, then this is the stone you need. It enhances mental function and improves your perception and analytical abilities.


  • Multi-agate earrings are colorful and if you want earrings with a personality and a unique flair to add to your look then they are the best choice. The mix of color is what makes them interesting and compatible with outfits of any color.
  • For motivation, creativity, and productiveness, consider Multi-Agate Earrings because they have energies to achieve all those qualities. You will not only look fabulous which everyone around you will appreciate, but you will also project brilliance which people will appreciate more, thanks to the energy from the Multi-Agate gemstone on the earrings.
  • They make lovely gifts for anyone who you think needs to look fabulous as well as feel motivated. The multi-color look will absolutely impress anyone who receives these earrings as a gift unless they see everything in black and white and have no sense of color.


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