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6 Makeup Ideas To Get The Gorgeously Creepy Look This Halloween

The spooky holiday is around the corner. Usually, it is all about the outfits, and most often, we want to have the most jaw-dropping Halloween costumes ever. However, as you do with your costumes, think about your makeup and jewelry too. Those two can make or break your Halloween look.

Face makeup, gemstone jewelry, and the other terrifyingly beautiful hair choices can make you look every inch the creature you want to be on this legendary holiday. There are countless choices of who you want to be with your Halloween makeup and jewelry. You can be the unicorn, skeleton, creepy girl, and anything else. All you need is some makeup, hair, and jewelry prep, and you are good to go and become a scary and beautiful creature.

Here are some inspiring examples that will get you excited about taking your makeup, hair, and gemstone jewelry to another level this Halloween.

1. The Cat Woman

The feline look will always be a Halloween hit. It is easy to achieve once you find some cat ears and face paint to look right. Some eyeliner will be perfect for creating those feline eyes.

Begin from the middle area of the eye and draw outwards in a single stroke. Add a delicate flick to finish. Don't forget the cat eyes, which would do well with orange contacts, and the cat nose detailing, which would be brought to life with a silver liner, which could also detail a few whiskers. You can then wear orange gemstone beads, a Carnelian Necklace to give you a feminine look, and match the orange cat eyes.

2. The Sultry Vampire

This is an old and reliable look that will never disappoint. It is always in style during Halloween; you only need to get it right. This is where you get heavy on the makeup to give you the vampire's face. Too little makeup, and it will look like you are just going out for the night out. You have to let it on heavy and just right to get the vamp look. Get an eyeshadow palette and use the blacks and greys along with some fleshy-looking tones to enhance the vampy complexion. The lipstick should be bright liquid and a pair of toned down Labradorite Earrings to finish the macabre look. A little fake dripping blood on your lips would also be creepily gorgeous.

3. The Creepy Doll

If you love old horror movie classics, you would want to try out one of the creepy dolls. These dolls never get old and always have an eerie effect. The makeup look is easy to achieve. Use porcelain-white face paint and powder on your face.

Add a black liner for the freckles and china cracks. Add some pink blusher on the cheeks, and the red cherry lips could be done with red lipstick. Some exaggerated eyelashes would also be nice because they take the doll's eyes on another level and help you achieve the perfect look. Some fake blood or fake green goo would also be ideal. But if you want to add a touch of play, you can avoid the fake blood or goo and keep it mellow with a colorful gemstone necklace or earrings complete with your hair in pigtails. The gemstone could be green Peridot Earrings or a necklace to match your green doll eyes if you are wearing green contact lenses. However, if you want to go full Annabelle, then go ahead and aim to scare.

4. The Zombie Bride

You can go full zombie bride in that blood-bathed beautiful look. Dress up in a tiara and some ghostly bridal dress, then go crazy with your fake blood. On your face, use a texturizing spray, get some smoky eyes with mascara and do some serious contouring to bring out the perfect look. What is a bride without her jewelry, even the zombie bride? Wear a Crystal Clear Quartz gemstone necklace and matching earrings. You can coat parts of the jewelry with fake blood.

5. The Cute Creepy Clown

Clowns are available in many types, and you can have fun with this look. Decorate your eyes and get busy with Joker Halloween makeup. The signature joker grin should be there.

This is a female joker, which is why a pair of gemstone earrings would be right. If you are doing dark colors, Black Spinel Earrings would add that dark feminine touch for you. Creep out everyone with your rich clown colors on your face complete with the costume; you will undoubtedly stand out.

6. The Reptile

The reptile skin on your face can be achieved with the right makeup. Create a scaly look with your makeup to pass for realistic-looking reptile skin. You can do this with an old pair of fishnets on your face and then use a good eyeshadow palette. The fishnet patterns will create a scaly look.

Get a pair of yellow contacts to get the eyes reptile-like and complete the look with Rainbow Moonstone Earrings for that reflecting and colorful snake-like look. Don't forget colorful highlights for your hair; you will look gorgeously scary.

Halloween should be fun, and you should get creative with your costume and makeup. Creep out all your friends and people at the party, make sure if there is a prize for "most creative Halloween look," you go home with it.

Published on: 22-10-2020


  1. Elaine 23-10-2020

    Love the Halloween makeup ideas. We dress up every year for trick or treaters. Maybe this year will do for fun !

  2. Sue 23-10-2020

    My favourite is definitely the reptile look!

  3. Courtnie Harris 23-10-2020

    You should do tutorials on how to achieve this look. You have such creative ideas!

  4. Sarah 23-10-2020

    I LOVE these ideas!! I'm all about trying to dress up but also keep the glam side of it. These are so creative!

  5. Rochelle 23-10-2020

    I love these ideas and I love the accessories that you have out with them! Absolutely creative, I think the Catwoman look is too common but this gives me more ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lindsay 23-10-2020

    Awesome ideas! I love to do a day of the dead look! I think maybe zombie bride would be cool for this year!

  7. Savannah 23-10-2020

    Love love the accessories! The reptile look has to be one of my favorite. Let's celebrate Halloween in style this year!

  8. Myriam Deliah 23-10-2020

    The cute creepy doll reminds me of our favorite horror movies. Way to go on these creative costume ideas!