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Fashion Mama Types-Appreciate Your Fashion Mom

Mothers are special, and children learn a lot from their mothers the moment they are born. You probably learned organization, ideals and developed that strong sense of right and wrong with your mother's help. Well, there is something else you might have learned from your mother, and that is fashion. From the way your mother dressed, you probably learned something from that. Before you developed your sense of style in the early ages, your mother helped you dress up and picked out your outfits for you. She was your first fashion inspiration before you even knew what fashion was. You have watched her dress all this time, and by now, you know what she prefers. What kind of fashion style is your mother currently following?

Here are a few types of fashion mamas. If your mom identifies with one of these, you will probably recognize it.

1. The High-End Fashion Mom

This is the mom who wears nothing short of designer brands, and she knows how to choose her designs. She could be wearing something as simple as a blouse and pants, but a closer look will tell you they aren't cheap.

She knows how to wear her jewelry, and as much as she will experiment with the likes of gold and diamond, she might not want to look too extravagant and will therefore prefer the beautiful semi-precious stones. You will see her wearing a Versace gown to a church event, for example, but she will pair it with a pair of exquisite but subtle Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings or an elegant Tanzanite Necklace. The shoe game of this woman will also be top-notch. From those comfortable flats, every footwear she owns, snickers to the heels she rocks on formal days, is evidently expensive. If your mother is a high-end fashion woman, you have a tough act to follow if you aren’t there yet. However, if you are a high-end fashion woman yourself, now you know who your major influencer is.

2. The Colorful Fashion Mom

Does your mom love colors and specifically bright colors? Maybe she shows it in her choice of colors for the curtains, carpet, seats, wall paints, and even kitchen utensils. She is also likely to show it in her selection of outfits. This woman will never wear anything that is not colorful. She will choose the most colorful gemstone jewelry for accessorizing. Her wardrobe will feature outfits of rich greens, yellows, reds, purples, and multi-colored outfits. Her shoe collection will remind you of a rainbow. Pairs of nothing but rich colors of shoes. She can wear more than one bracelet of different colors. Don't be surprised when she wears a Peridot Bracelet, Citrine Bracelet, and a Multi-agate Bracelet in one arm for example.

3. The Formal Fashion Mom

This is the mom who believes in formalities right down to dressing. Think suited pants, suited skirts, and a pencil dress with a matching coat, formal closed shoes, and a formal-looking hair tied in a neat bun. Well applied lipstick that isn’t too shouting, neatly done eyebrows down to the right inch, and the proper foundation for her skin tone are other things that she is keen about. When she wears jewelry, she will go for nothing too fancy but something feminine and formal. A Rose Quartz Necklace, for example, would appeal to this mom because it rhymes with formal attire. However, her casual look still seems formal. You will find her wearing well-ironed linens as her casual outfit. This is probably a working mom with a thriving career who is also intent on dressing the part.

4. The Mix and Matcher

This mom loves matching. She not only does it with her home interior décor but also with her outfits and accessories. When she wears a blue dress with yellow flowers, for example, she will look for matching jewelry, and in this case, an Lapiz Lazuli necklace will be ideal because it is not only blue but also contains golden specs that come close to yellow. This mom will match everything she wears right down to the shoes and handbag. She loves the entirely monochrome look, or she would match at least two things in her ensemble. So know that you will never miss two items that match in her outfits when she steps out into the world.

5. The Casual Fashion Mom

Well, this mom represents the majority of stay-at-home moms. They love tracksuits, t-shirts, ripped jeans, shorts, flats, sneakers, and all the comfortable casual clothes. This is the mom who is busy running the home herself and taking care of her family, making sure everything is smooth. For that reason, she loves comfortable clothes and shoes. Yet, she still manages to remain fashionable in her own casual way. Even as she wears sweat pants and sneakers, you might find her still wearing jewelry. A pair of beautiful Labradorite Earrings or Garnet Earrings for those who love brighter jewelry would do and make them look feminine and fashionable in that casual homely way. If she is wearing a dress to church or other functions, she keeps it as simple as possible. Once in a while, she will dress to the nines depending, of course, on the function. However, casual wear remains her preferred choice of outfit most times.

Whatever mom you are, or your mom is, you know she is special. She raised you in the best way she knew how and that was something. See, you grew up! Appreciate whatever fashion mom you have this Mother’s Day and buy her some exquisite gemstone jewelry on top of the other unique fashionable gifts you give her. Appreciate her fashion this Mother’s Day.

Published on: 08-05-2021


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