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Good Feng Shui In Your Gemstones This 2021

2020 was difficult for everyone and if you are still alive today, you are probably looking forward to a better year this year. Good feng shui will be one of the things you will need. Feng shui and gemstones are related and for centuries gemstones have been used to create these special energy pathways and remove energy blocks.

What Is Feng Shui?

Fesh Shui literary means “wind and water” and it is a traditional Chinese concept that links the destiny of a person to their environment. Energy forces in a person’s environment ensure that individuals live in harmony with their surroundings.

Most people think of feng shui and conclude that it is just about how you arrange furniture at home and ensure good energy flow. This is not true! Feng shui could also be influenced by how you wear your jewelry and outfits. The gemstone jewelry you wear can influence your feng shui in the same manner that crystals and space enhance the flow of "qi" in interior spaces. “Qi or Chi” is the vital force believed to form part of every living entity. Most feng shui experts are also known to wear certain gemstones to help enhance their qi.

As a fashionista, you don’t need a feng shui expert to tell you how to wear your gemstone jewelry. You can choose your gemstones and not only look beautiful, but also create good feng shui. Some gemstones can help you achieve this and, they are as follows:


This one has this special green color that promotes positive energy and enhances overall harmony. It is also closely linked to the heart chakra which promotes kindness, growth, good luck, success, and healing to the wearer. Peridot can also attract love and reduce anger while also soothing nerves and dispelling any negative emotions. Therefore, you will not only look beautiful in that Peridot Necklace,but your tolerance for unpleasant things will also improve. Undoubtedly, Peridot give you great feng shui Amethyst

The amethyst is another special gemstone that can promote good feng shui. The purple color is linked to the wealth (Xun) area of the feng shui Bagua map. That royal hue is also known to ignite the crown chakra which promotes true spiritual abundance, generosity, and prosperity to the wearer's life.

The stone is also known to balance negative energy which is vital especially during these times when the economic situation worldwide is difficult. Many people around you could be sour and emitting negative energy which could somehow rub off on you. Prevent this by donning a lovely Amethyst Necklace.


This is a gemstone that enhances stability and clears negative vibrations. Citrine balances energy allowing you to be steady and grounded. With a pair of Citrine Earrings, you will think straight and never over-indulge in anything. With the strong earth element found in the yellow and orange tones, you will love the good energy that comes with Citrine jewelry.

Ethiopian Opal

The colorful appearance of the Ethiopian opal ignites joy and playfulness when you set eyes on it. It is linked to completion and children(Dui) area of the feng shui Bagua map. An Ethiopian Opal Necklace would be great if you want to enhance that playful energy within you and have a child-like observation like you are experiencing everything for the first time. The energy will make you feel and want to revel in all your exciting experiences. If that is not good feng shui, I don't know what is!


The lovely garnet gemstone is a stone of purification. That purple with a tinge of red is linked to energies that transform and purify. In most Asian cultures, the color of Garnet is very powerful. It is linked to protective energy and transformation. A Garnet Necklace will not only make a beautiful fashion accessory but, it will also give you good feng shui

Now that you know what kind of jewelry brings good feng shui, choose your gemstones carefully. Allow yourself to experience some positive vibes in 2021. After all the negatives of 2020, you deserve all the positive energy that comes your way this year.

Published on: 12-01-2021


  1. catherine 12-01-2021

    so beautiful

  2. Cedric Noronha 12-01-2021

    Very good post about the Feng Shui in your gemstones. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  3. Selma 12-01-2021

    I’m in love with the necklace and the earrings. So chic and classy❣️❣️

  4. newerapost 12-01-2021

    Nice and worth reading article

  5. Madhurjya 13-01-2021

    Feng Shui is important in life. Your insight on Gemstones for better energy in one's life is really helpful.

  6. Nancy Moraa 15-01-2021

    Thank you Cedric, Catherine, Selma, Newerapost and Madhurjya for reading this piece. Keep reading for more useful insights.

  7. Erika Ravnsborg 18-01-2021

    Nice! You know I've never seen an Ethiopian opal. I want to see one some time. I gotta do a whole feng shui for my house

  8. Nancy Moraa 19-01-2021

    Good luck with your Feng Shui Erika, Check out our website for an Ethiopian Opal and make your order, it will be shipped right to you. Thanks For reading.

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