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Royal Family Inspired Halloween Costumes

Well, only a few days to go to Halloween, and if you still don't know what to wear, then you are in luck. We are looking at some of the royal-family-inspired fashion as Halloween costumes. Perhaps you don't want to go all wild and adorably evil-looking. If you love a put-together fashion style that also stands out enough for everyone to see a royal when they see you wearing it, then keep reading.

Here are some royal-inspired Halloween costumes that you could consider wearing and celebrate this spooky season in style.

Kate Middleton Coatdress and Hatband Combo

Kate is known for her stylish coatdresses, and she can be officially recognized as "coatdress queen" because she reigns supreme. Several times we have seen her styling her all-in-one frocks with a stunning modern hatband. This is a very stylish padded velvet headband that will have someone guessing whether you are wearing a headband or a hat. You can copy this look this Halloween and add your accessories. Consider completing the look with a pair of stunning Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings. Well, you can still wear this look on other days and not just on Halloween. But since you want to look like a royal this Halloween, go for this fantastic Kate Middleton look.

Princess Beatrice's Butterfly Headpiece

Princess Beatrice, a famous British royal who has grown up in the limelight, is known for her signature royal wardrobe that often features a chic outfit that is often completed with an awe-inspiring piece of headgear. She is the queen of over-the-top toppers, and no one can match her intensity. During William and Kate's wedding, Beatrice turned heads and got tongues wagging with her multi-colored butterfly hat. You could wear a chic outfit and then spot a similar butterfly hat. Add a Multi-Agate Necklace to extend the colorful trend down to your neck area to make it even more beautiful. You don't even need to say you are Princess Beatrice at that Halloween party. One look at that intricate butterfly hat, and anyone would know who you are!

Princess Anne’s Snappy Dressing

Princess Anne is renowned for her snappy dressing, but her accessories game is what everyone is interested in. This royal dresses elegantly, but she is not afraid to pair her outfits with one of those edgy and athletic sunglasses. There is no doubt that this princess loves her sporty sunglasses, which makes her look recognizable. Well, you can dress like princes Anne and spot those sporty sunglasses and wear a lovely gemstone necklace such as a Black Spinel Necklace, which will match the dark, sporty sunnies. After all, these sunnies can also come in handy throughout the year and not just on Halloween.

The Princess Margaret Look

This royal inspired fashion in the 1950s and everyone back then knew "The Margaret Look." She is considered the British royal family's most prominent rebel, and it showed in her dressing. She always went for bold accessories such as glamorous sunglasses and bright headscarves, and she adoredbold jewelry. Check out one of Princess Anne's iconic gowns and match it up with layers of one of those beautiful gemstones. It could be a Lapis Lazuli Necklace worn in layers; then, you can pull off that awesome "Margaret Look" of your own.

Lady Amelia Windsor

Well, if you love breaking fashion rules and standing out, then you can do so, and Lady Amelia Windsor will inspire your look this Halloween. Lady Amelia is Queen Elizabeth's young granddaughter of her first cousin. She loves strong prints, statement footwear, and commanding hues. At some point, she spotted sneakers on the red carpet. Being a fashion model, she has inspired many looks. Look for one of her most iconic red carpet or runway looks, and let it inspire you this Halloween. Compliment your Lady Amelia look with a beautiful pair of gemstone earrings. They could be something exceptional, like a pair of Tanzanite Earrings. Those are the six royal-inspired fashion looks that you could wear this Halloween and rock that party.

With the pandemic having eased a bit, there will be more Halloween parties going on this time than last Halloween. Enjoy yourself, fashionista!

Published on: 31-10-2021


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