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Should I Wear Light Or Dark Gemstone Jewelry?

Should I wear light or dark jewelry? This is one dilemma most women have when it comes to choosing their gemstone jewelry. The difficulty arises when it comes to buying gemstone jewelry for a special event. Women will always try to figure out whether they should wear that light and colorful Multi-Agate Necklace or choose a dark Black Spinel Necklace


Who wins the dark versus light battle? The answer depends on certain situations and what the wearer wants to achieve. Still, there are basic gemstone jewelry styling rules that will help.

Here are some tips to help you if you happen to face the light versus dark dilemma.

Dark And Light Gemstones

There is no winner because outfits vary, and both dark and light jewelry will work in your favor. Those dark blue Tanzanite Earrings work as well as the lighter Blue Sapphire Earrings with certain outfits.

When it comes to gemstones, durability is a strong point whether you choose a light or dark color. You will need to take care of your gems to ensure that they are not tarnished and retain their natural color.

Regarding which jewelry should dominate your jewelry box, consider light colored gemstones because they are more versatile. But for formal occasions, the dark gems would be more appropriate.

Why it is appropriate to have both dark and light jewelry in your collection? Having them will give you countless options when it comes to mixing and matching your jewelry. You can have a lot of fun with them when it comes to dressing for special occasions. So now that we know that both dark and light jewelry are great options to choose from, we can next consider how to wear them. light

How To Wear Dark and Light

Some outfits look better with light colored gemstones, while others look better with a dark-colored jewel. This is a general way of saying this, and it doesn't solve your dark or light dilemma.

For light colored gemstones, their warmth and unique shine work correctly with bohemian styles and vintage looks. Think along the lines of plaid skirts, dark-colored jackets, and even one of those military jackets that would result in a fabulous boho-chic look when paired with a light-colored gemstone. Just make sure you complete the look with light red lipstick and eyeliner that would put the pharaohs of old to shame.

On the other hand, dark gemstones are great when paired with light-colored outfits or formal wear.

If you want to go all formal, then your jewelry should communicate the same. For example, your dark blue business suit will work well when paired with deep blue colored Amethyst Earrings with specks of gold. Whether it is a business meeting or an interview, your audience will undoubtedly take you seriously when you choose jewelry that accentuates the formal look.

More Glam

The uniqueness gemstone colors make them the best jewelry for evening jewelry, especially if you want to pair them with precious metals. Dark gemstones may lack the warmth of the light-colored gemstones, but they have something even better; that is a sleek and cool look, making them the perfect statement makers.

You can glam your look with either dark or light gemstones. Choose your favorite outfit and have an interesting hairstyle. Then get a dramatic tone for your lipstick, and you will wow everyone with your look.

Sometimes it will depend on your mood. If you feel happy, you will want to wear light-colored gemstone jewelry. If you feel cool or serious about something, you might want to go darker with your gemstone selection. This is if you are the kind of person that dresses according to your mood.

End The Dilemma

There is only one way to end the dilemma of whether to choose a light or dark gemstone. If you feel adventurous, you can wear both the light and dark-colored gemstone to create a unique contrast in your look. It could be a layered look or different gemstones for the pieces you decide to wear that day. Just know how to combine them for that stunning look. And just like that, the dilemma ends.

Published on: 28-09-2020


  1. Nancy Moraa 29-09-2020

    Great content, Read, comment and share this awesome post!

  2. Savannah 30-09-2020

    Never thought of wearing both light and dark jewelry to create contrast!

  3. Cedric Noronha 30-09-2020

    Very good post. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  4. Melanie Roy 30-09-2020

    Would love tanzanite earrings but just haven't gotten around to it. I'm scared of work that they will tarnish quickly! Any tips Nancy?

  5. Nancy Moraa 30-09-2020

    Hey @Melanie Roy Tanzanite Earrings are lovely and you shouldn't worry about them getting tarnished, any jewelry, even gold and diamond can get tarnished quickly when proper care is not given. Store your jewelry well and polish it before and after wea

  6. Nancy Moraa 30-09-2020

    Hey @Savannah well, now you know, choose your favorite dark and light gemstones and rock them!

  7. Nancy Moraa 30-09-2020

    Thank you @Cedric Norohna keep reading, I really appreciate it.

  8. Joanie Mathieu 30-09-2020

    I read your posts every weekk but this one really touches me. Just yesterday I was having a hard time choosing which jewelry to wear!

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