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Steps To Discovering Your Personal Style

Some people define their personal style in their early twenties while others take longer and discover it later in life, perhaps in their 30s or even 40s. Of course, no one continues to dress the same way they did in their teens. The teenage period is the time of self-discovery, and you try out different styles or "whatever is cool at the moment." Personal style can be an elusive beast because fashion keeps evolving, and what might look fashionably divine now might not look so in five or so years. You could be appreciating different fashion styles, but which one really speaks to you? Which one would you say is your signature look?

Gemstone jewelry could play a crucial role in defining your personal style. Those lovely green Peridot Earrings or an Ethiopian Opal Necklace would look amazing if you embraced them, for example. Any of the many options available would be precisely what you need to make that personal style unique. The different arrays of gemstone colors can match most outfits and create various spontaneous fashion looks. It doesn't matter what fashion path you are veering towards , to discover your personal style. There are ways of finding the best look for yourself. Go ahead and shop around to find what appeals to you. Tap into your unique style with the following tips.

1. Discover Your Style Spirit Menagerie

Which public figure do you look up to fashion-wise? Is it Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, or Victoria Beckham? Begin singling out who your fashion influencers are. Search for these “Style Icons” on social media platforms and save the images of their fashionable looks that you are most attracted to. Having these stylish collections will help you find inspiration whenever you step out to the world.

2. Define Your Look

After assembling fashion designs that intrigue you, consider looking beyond the names of the people who wear them. Focus on the style of the outfits. Use words to describe the vibe they are emanating. Are the outfits modern, classic, eclectic, or bohemian? Choose words that feel true to the style you want to project. You could write them down because they will, in time, help you to define your look.

3. Take Pictures Of Your Best Looks

After drawing inspiration from your style spirit menagerie, you will want to experiment with several glamorous looks. Take a picture of your lovely fashion looks. These looks will be great examples of your true personal style and will also serve as inspiration for future fashion looks.

4. Choose A Signature Piece

As for public fashion icons, Audrey Hepburn had her cropped pants and ballet flats; Edie Sedgwick had her statement earrings and mod minis; Jackie O. was known for her amazing oversized sunglasses; Marilyn Monroe was known for her white halter dress and many more celebrity women were known for a certain signature look. You can have one as well, and it could be as simple as a lovely gemstone jewelry set or a single piece of this jewelry with a gorgeous outfit. Let people associate a certain look with you. Just remember to make this look inspiring to others who want to look fashionable. Also, make sure you have a couple of these signature looks in your wardrobe. If that style is your sweet spot, then make it your own. How else will people identify you by your signature look if you don’t wear it often? It becomes a signature when it is a part of your daily life.

5. Single Out The Odd Piece

Take another look at your wardrobe and note the piece or two that don't fit with your overall fashion vibe. Could there , for example, be an embroidered blouse among a sea of chiffon or cotton? That is your outlier, and the chances are that your odd piece could also be part of your style, which you haven't fully developed yet. It could also be that single bright-colored gemstone among a sea of diamonds and gold. So, take a second look at your jewelry box too. You might evolve your current look to something better. Take any chances you have to improve your look.

6. Capitalize On Your Strengths

Since you love fashion, you must be having something fashionably appealing that people compliment you on. It could be how you style your dresses, your shoe game, or how you pair your gemstones with your outfits. Whatever it is, make it better and wear it often. Wear what makes you feel great and confident. You have probably figured out your winning style by now. If not, keep looking in the right places, and you will find it. Once you find it, embrace it, refine it and be happy that you finally found your personal style.

Published on: 30-03-2021


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