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The Fun, The Fashion, And The Pandemic.


During this period of the pandemic, you have probably been forced to reschedule, cancel, and avoid certain social gatherings. You might be spending all your days at home and don’t see much reason to spruce yourself up or mix and match your jewelry with outfits since you aren’t going anywhere.

Pre-Pandemic Fashion Days

However, the truth is, you do need to look your best even while staying at home. There is no reason why you shouldn’t wake up one day and decide you want to don your high heels, your best outfit, and accessories just to remind yourself of pre-pandemic days.

Those were the days when you were carefree and when every weekend was filled with plans to socialize and party. You dressed up to the nines for all these occasions and never even thought of social distancing.

The last time you put on makeup or any kind of jewelry seems like eons ago and you pray every day that there is a vaccine or cure for corona so that life can go back to normal. You plan on ditching that plain-looking person you see staring back at you in the mirror without makeup or jewelry and restore that fashionista who rocked gala events, parties, and the local streets of your locations looking glamorous.

More Than Just Protective Gear

Well, we have seen a rise in fashion trends even during this pandemic. Masks have become more than just protective gear and have turned into an accessory. It not unusual to see a green-colored mask matching the green of a pair of Peridot earrings or matching a pashmina shawl.

When the stay at home order eased a little and people could go out, it was easy to spot people rocking their casual looks, facial masks, shawls, and a touch of gemstone jewelry.

The masks will continue to be worn and will commonly be used for the expression of someone’s personal style. It has already become a fashion piece and it will continue to evolve. People will now buy jewelry to match not only their outfits but their facial masks as well because they have become part of everyday life.

Sweat Pants and Jewelry

Fashion has transformed thanks to the pandemic. It has turned to comfort wear in the name of hoodies, sweatpants. T-shirts and all comfort clothing in various colors and prints. Accessories haven’t been forgotten because gemstone lovers have rocked gemstone bracelets, earrings, anklets, and even necklaces. The unusual events happening haven’t completely wiped out the summer fashion sense in people.

They still want to look great and still accessorize their leggings, tracksuits, stylish oversized T-shirts, oversized pants, and so on. The negative perspective that surrounded the wearing of sweatpants in public no longer exists and no fashion cop will frown at you. In this era sweat pants go perfect with fancy footwear and that lovely pair of gemstone earrings; and the oversized T-shirt and leggings are a perfect match when paired with a beautiful and colorful gemstone bracelet.

Stay Positive

Just know that you are completely justified in feeling the myriad of emotions you are probably experiencing. Sad, angry, frustrated, and so on about the ongoing world crisis. It is not selfish to feel this way, but you don’t need to let yourself go. You can have fun with your jewelry. This is the time to take out all your gemstone jewelry collection and decide on a piece for every day. Look great when you step out whether it is for supplies shopping or just a walkout in during a beautiful summer day.

On those days that you feel great about the day and about yourself, dress up like you are going out, just like the pre-pandemic days, and treat yourself and your loved ones to a good homemade dinner. If you live alone, cook something new or order your favorite and just enjoy the moment. Take full advantage of the mystic nature of your gemstones and revel in the positive energy that most of them radiate.

Published on: 24-05-2020


  1. Kaylie Manjero 19-06-2020

    Great article! Do you have any tips on how to motivate ourselves to keep pampering ourselves while our routine remains a bit chaotic? Seems we just Don't have the time!

  2. Kaylie Manjero 20-06-2020

    Great article ! Could you please elaborate on how to increase our motivation during this pandemic to get dressed in the morning?

  3. Nancy Moraa 22-07-2020

    Thank you Kaylie for reading this. Just maintain a positive attitude as you select your outfits.Times are hard and gloomy but your fashion style shouldn't follow suit. Keep your fashion fun and interesting always. Good luck in your choice of outfits! Keep

  4. Chaya 22-08-2020

    Great article. Informative.

  5. Megan 23-08-2020

    I love to dress up during quarantine. I wear outfits I normally wouldn't have the confidence for. Slowly going to integrate wearing them in public. Thank you for the positive energy!

  6. Megan 23-08-2020

    Great read! I love the link you’ve made between positivity and fashion choice :)

  7. Nancy Moraa 24-08-2020

    Hi Chaya and Megan thank you so much for reading and commenting. Keep looking at this section of the site for more interesting fashion and jewelry updates. Thanks

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