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The Stylish Mom: This Mother's Day And Forevermore

Mother is an honorable title, and this coming Mother's Day, we will all remember our mothers and the mother figures in our lives. There is this image of Mother that we all have. A loving face, wearing comfortable clothing, no make-up, and taking care of everyone in the family. Do we ever think of a mother being all stylish and glamorous at home, sitting on the patio reading a fashion magazine, a glass of sweet wine in her hand, and everyone in the family being at her beck and call? No! Most likely, we think of a mother as the one who loves and takes care of the home and everyone.

Unfortunately, most moms have become victim to this stereotype and dress in a certain way that is anything but stylish. As a stay-at-home mom, you can look stylish without compromising your ability to be a fun and resourceful mom. It is possible to ditch the haggard, home look that says never-ending chores and no time for yourself and turn into a poised glamorous mom with every hair in place complete with gemstone jewelry accessories.

There doesn't have to be an occasion for you to dress up for. Just anticipate what your day holds and dress accordingly. On certain days you will be going out shopping, or the weather is bright and sunny, and you are thinking of taking the kids out to play at the local park. Your kids could also be all grown-up in their teens, or they could be adults, so perhaps you spend your days socializing with friends or maybe your days running the home and making sure it’s inviting for everyone.

So, how do you dress well as a stay-at-home mom without sacrificing comfort or feeling like you are trying too hard? Here are the rules and strategies you need to apply to achieve that awesome put-together look

1. The Basic Mom Make-up Daily

That clean, fresh appearance is a must if you want to look awesome. Wash up every day and do that basic mom make-up. Here the clean hair, some waterproof mascara, and a slap of not-too-bright lipstick will do. Since you will be up and down, style your hair in the most convenient way that will also make you look great. Put on a pair of colorful gemstone earrings to give the simple look spontaneity. Consider a color that emphasizes your skin tone but if you don't want anything too bright-colored, go for a pair of Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings. Let your priority be a clean, fresh appearance always. When your hair and face show that intentional daily care is given, every stylish outfit you dress up in will look amazing on you.

2. Wear Only Clothes That Fit

Well, it’s tempting to want to wear baggy clothes since you are just at home and aren't exactly the epitome of good fashion since no occasion calls for it. However, every time you wear clothes that don't fit, you don't do your body justice. Remember that the clothes that fit you well will perfectly balance your body features and not try to hide them. Wear clothes that focus on your best body features.

Those baggy tees and falling pants that you use to hide those features that you deem unflattering could actually be accentuating them. It is better to have a few fitting clothes than drawers full of oversized clothing.

Remember, the shoulder seams must not fall past the shoulders. Your skirts should be above or at your knee. If you decide to go maxi, make sure it touches your toes and not sweep the floor. Your pants should also reach the ankle in that cool skinny style to allow you to showcase a beautiful gemstone anklet. It could be a colorful Rainbow Moonstone Anklet or something as classy as a Black Spinel Anklet, which could go with any outfit color. When you finally get fitting clothes as part of your everyday wear, you will have finally gotten the chance to shine fashionably and have your family and the world seeing you in a new light.

3. Choose The In-Style Outfits

Shop for outfits that are in style if you want to change your appearance for the better. Check online for stylish stay-at-home clothes for mothers during all seasons. Some good examples are slim-fitting jeans, preferably dark denim, skinny color pants, trendy athleisure bottoms such as yoga leggings or joggers. Pattern and color shorts paired with fitted and slouchy tees are amazing. Note that "slouchy" in this case means style not fit, so forget about christening all your oversized t-shirts as slouchy. Just go out there and look for a slouchy fit in your size.

As for footwear, Ugg boots or moccasin slippers can be cool, or any lovely-looking sandals. Have stylish outfits for all year, and when you finally get that collection made from a nice blend of classic and trending pieces, you will always dress effortlessly in style every day. Don't forget gemstone accessories to give your look uniqueness. A gemstone bracelet here, an anklet there, or a pair of colorful gemstone earrings will always work fashion magic.

4. Choose Fabrics That Don't Stain Easily And Are Easy To Clean

Mothers, especially those with toddlers, are prone to getting stains on their fabrics. Their amazing life of raising the little bundles of energy makes this so. There are activities like feeding sessions, playtimes that require rolling on the floor or grass outside, horsey rides, and many other interesting activities with the little ones requiring clothing that don’t stain easily. Even when it does stain, it should be the kind of fabric where stains won't be problematic when it comes to removing them.

5. Where You Live Determines Your Outfits

If you are a mother in Alaska, you can't dress the same way as a mother in the Caribbean because your environment doesn’t allow that. Look for stylish outfits that fit for your environment. Alaskan mothers have winter-style fashion for inspiration while mothers in the Caribbean or equatorial regions will probably get inspiration from summer fashion. Even when you are at home cleaning, cooking, or doing that familiar chore of chasing your kids around, choose the simplest version of an outfit while making sure that you still look amazing.

Being a mother is a blessing, and even though it comes with its own hurdles, you don't have to show how challenging it is by dressing thoughtlessly. When you are home with your kids, for example, you can begin with those skinny pants and a tee. Make sure your hair is combed and you have simple make-up on. Then when you need to leave your house, wear your statement gemstone earrings, slip into those lovely sandals, sneakers, or flats and add a cardigan if it is chilly, but if it's bright and sunny, go ahead and pick your bag and step out in style. Since you already did your hair and make-up when you woke up, you will be quickly dressed up and ready for chores or errands.

Of course, if you are attending a function, meeting, date, or doing anything beyond the usual errands, go the extra mile and choose gemstone jewelry and outfits that will make you look every inch the amazing Mother that you are. You don't need an overflowing wardrobe! Just be purposeful in your choices and go for outfits that fit you comfortably and make you look stylish minus a lot of fuss. This coming Mother's day, begin by dressing to the nines to celebrate that special day and still maintain the elegant mom look every day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Published on: 29-04-2021


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