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Wardrobe Types And Fun Styling With Gemstones

The Restrictive Mindset

Often women develop this restrictive mindset when it comes to jewelry. They arrange their jewelry in sections such as "work jewelry", "black-tie event jewelry", "night-out-with-the-girls jewelry”, “day-to-day jewelry”, “visiting in-laws jewelry”, “interview jewelry” and so on. Why should you do this? The best thing would be to wear your jewelry when you feel you should regardless of what you have assigned your jewelry for.

Another restrictive mindset is when you avoid buying a certain gemstone piece because you are under that common misguided belief that you have nowhere to wear the jewelry. This is not true at all! All jewelry can and should be worn and not locked in a box.

For this reason, don't wait until you have an important event to shop for jewelry. Purchase jewelry not for an event but a lifestyle. This way you will have a quality gemstone jewelry collection to match your wardrobe.

Here are some wardrobe styles and how the wearers can have fun with certain gemstone jewelry.

The colorful rebel’s wardrobe

Do you love breaking the cliché of plain monotony with pops of color in your everyday look? Then you can enhance your waves of color in a fun way. The best thing about this is that there are endless possibilities because all you want to do is add color to your outfit.

With so many colorful gemstones your choices are wide. The color and wow factor look can be achieved by trying one of our colorful gemstone sets such as the multi-agate jewelry set. Lay the color on thick by wearing the full set. You are the color rebel after all.

The white wardrobe

If you fall under this category, then you are one of those women who believe white outfits are not just for weddings. You are probably aware of just how versatile it is as a color especially when it comes to purchasing jewelry for accessorizing. You can have a lot of fun accessorizing a white outfit. You can either blend the white with white or crystal clear gemstone jewelry or use something like a bold citrine to break the white with an orange dash of color.

The black-centric wardrobe

All women have black outfits. There is the little black dress, the black pants, the black jumpsuit, black flowing dress with a cut showing a lot of leg and so on. Well if you are a lover of black wardrobe then you have your black canvas right there to paint with one of the colorful gemstone sets. However, you can still go all dark and pair it up with something close like the dark amethyst.

The Neutral Wardrobe

If you love the neutral look or the brown-oriented wardrobe, then consider neutral jewelry as a stunning accessory. A neutral wardrobe perfectly lends itself well to jewelry and matches almost anything. You can accessorize with pops of colored gemstone to make a statement or stick to neutral with something like a carnelian set of jewelry. Either way, the effect will be stunning.

All gemstone jewelry is eye-grabbing and should be worn any day that you feel like wearing it. Have fun by accessorizing with beautiful gemstone jewelry.

Published on: 30-03-2020


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