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What Does Your Gemstone Jewelry Say About You?

Your choice of jewelry says a lot about you. You might not realize it, but did you know that even as you think that you are simply accessorizing your outfits, there might be more than meets the eye. That more is you!

Your choice of jewelry can make a statement about who you are. Think about the random stranger you meet on the streets and what you think of when you see their jewelry. You might be thinking, boho chic, hip-hop, traditional, fashion model, good taste, weirdo, rock and roller and so on. As you think about that, you can also think about the jewelry you wear and what you would think about yourself if you saw yourself for the first time.

Here are a few types of jewelry and what they say about you if you wear them.

The Fun Costume Jewelry

Do you love wearing one of those gemstone statement necklaces such as an Ethiopian Opal Necklace, for example, along with a big hoop or dangle earrings that are colorful and other colorful gemstones? If so it suggests that you are a bubbly person with a cheerful personality and probably the life of the party. Everyone you meet likes you because your cheerful mood is infectious and makes the other person feel cheerful.

The Matched Set Jewelry

This is probably the color-coordinated jewelry which is a common trend. If you are wearing your gemstone jewelry in matched sets then this indicates that you are a very organized person who takes responsibility very seriously. You can never wear a jewelry set with different pieces; for you, that is unthinkable. If you are going to wear Peridot, it will be Peridot down to the anklet. You will wear a Peridot Necklace, Peridot Earrings and a Peridot Bracelet. Even with your casual outfits, you do this because you love an organized look. You are probably a professional, and you love projecting that look. It is not only your jewelry that is organized but everything else in your life from your job, family and down to the pencils and files on your working desk.

Natural and Handmade Jewelry

If you love wearing jewelry with natural elements that is handmade then this says that you appreciate the natural world around you in a big way. Your choice of jewelry could be natural handmade gemstones with earth tones like forest green, ocean blue, moon color, sun yellow or orange and so on. Your love for nature is projected in what you are wearing. Perhaps you love wearing that Multi-Agate Necklace because it reminds you of colored pebbles on a beach somewhere, or love wearing those Moonstone Earrings because they remind you of the moon. You are a nature lover, no doubt, and the great thing is that there are countless natural gemstone jewelry options to wear and depict nature every day for the rest of your life.

Antique Jewelry

If you are into antique jewelry and love wearing your gemstone jewelry as long as it comes with a story, you are probably a genuine lover of jewelry and nostalgic about the past. You don't care much about brands or trends; you could be the trendsetter after all. . You could be wearing that Amethyst Bracelet because it came from your great grandmother who lived on the other side of the world. You might also be wearing those Rose Quartz Earrings because the gems belonged to a famous model back in the 1940s. You are undoubtedly a lover of history and with great stories to tell.

Luxury Or Brand Jewelry

If you love name-brand jewelry from luxury manufacturers then this means that you are a person with a great eye for detail. You never like second bests and always want to lead. You are probably a hard worker and love rewarding yourself for your great efforts. You wear your famous brand jewelry with pride and appreciate the fine things in life. People admire your great self-esteem and always note the statements you make, whether in jewelry or other aspects of your life.

Sophisticated And Simple Jewelry

If you love simple but beautiful gemstone bracelets, necklaces and simple earrings that go with every outfit in your wardrobe then you are the relaxed kind of person who doesn't like pressure. You love spending time with your loved ones, going on trips, having adventures and trying new things. You are friendly, fun and things in your life are never that serious. You love looking attractive but will not follow trends blindly. This could be the reason why you have that pair of Lapis Lazuli earrings that go with everything or the elegant Tanzanite Necklace that you always pack in your suitcase wherever you go.

Minimalistic Jewelry

You probably love sleek and modern-looking gemstone jewelry. Your jewelry is both stylish and versatile which is why you wear it with multiple outfits in your wardrobe. You love sparkle but not bling. You are minimalist and love achieving balance. You will only wear Crystal Clear Quartz Earrings, for example, and still look fabulous. You are thoughtful, and your actions are never random. You are charming despite your toned-down and minimalistic look.

You now understand what your favorite gemstone jewelry says about you. When it comes to the choice of jewelry, everyone is unique and projects their style in their way. Just make sure that you always look beautiful and are rocking your outfit and gemstone accessories like a true fashion goddess.

Published on: 07-02-2022


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