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Why Wear One When You Can Wear Them All?

If you are a fashionista, you probably possess an entire drawer of gemstone jewelry devoted to accessorizing. Most likely you wear a single necklace, bracelet and a single set of earrings when pairing up your outfit. Hardly do you go that extra mile to reach out for all your lovely pieces and use them in your outfit. You don’t have to wear a single piece to look gorgeous and fashionable.


The truth is you can make most of your jewelry work for you. Use your treasure trove of jewelry to your advantage by exploring the different ways that you could layer your pieces.

Some of the fun and fashion-approved tricks you could incorporate in your accessorizing style are as follows:

Heavy And Dainty Pieces Combo

This is where you pair that statement gemstone necklace with a simpler piece for this amazing look. You can have one statement necklace and several simple pieces to create a contrast or just have one statement piece and one simple piece if you don’t like extremes. However, you are free to make your statement piece or several statement pieces stand out in some kind of creative, heavy and dainty pieces combo.

Wear The Bracelets In Droves

Stacking bracelets is a trend that has been there for a while and it is still going strong. Stacking bracelets gives you an opportunity to flaunt your personality which could be anything from edgy, glamorous to bohemian. The reason why stacking bracelets is very popular is that in the current world of hand devices such as smartphones, the hands draw attention. This is why mastering this style will work to your advantage.

For the best look, keep the number of bracelets at a minimum. You can layer a quarter or third of each hand with colorful gemstones. If your arms are longer, consider wearing thicker bracelets. For the beauties with petite arms, consider wearing thinner bracelets for the best effect.

Bold Your Neck Game And Arm Game

There is something about the undone look that is extra cool. Wear several long colorful gemstone necklaces to your outfit. Add a long pendant or two to keep them from getting tangled as they fall where they please on your chest area. Adorn your arms with that carefree look of colored gemstone bracelets.

Mix The Materials

As you choose your colored gemstones you can also add metals, leathersand tassels. When you feel some doubt, go on and wear all your favorite pieces together to create that unique personalized look.

Throw The Unique Arm Party

You could also opt to keep the rest of your look simple then create a show with your arms. Do layers of colorful bracelets on your arms and then invite rings of all shapes and sizes to complement the bracelets. Wear a sleeveless outfit to show off your arm and look fashionable. The arm party must be seen.

Layering your jewelry is a unique way of showing your fashionable side. It is the only way to ensure that you are wearing most of your favorite gemstone jewelry at the same time to create a unique fashionable goddess look.

Published on: 08-04-2020


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