Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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A necklace of uniquely beautiful Rainbow Moonstone beads with a stunning and dazzling radiance of colors which emanate from the gemstones when exposed to light. You can see Dark gray, gray, peach, cloudy white, orange and many colors that create the rainbow effect in this dazzling piece.


  • The Rainbow moonstone necklace could be your statement piece. It is a lovely looking necklace that exhibits beauty in a way that is unique. When you think rainbow you think colors and this necklaces really knows how to live up to the word colorful. The stones catch the light resulting in this rainbow effect that dazzles when you look at it.
  • If ever you need a color radiating jewelry accessory, this is your pick. Combine it with the right solid or multicolored outfit and the effect will always be stunning. The rainbow moonstone necklace contains beads ranging in color from dark gray, gray, peach, cloudy white and many others.
  • You can benefit from more mystic properties from the Rainbow Moonstone necklaces which will promote introspection and good judgment, yielding easier decision making. It also enhances one's emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities and freedom of expression.


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