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Rose Quartz Dangle Earrings

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Known as the stone of the hopeless romantic, this crystal, made up of silicon dioxide, has a soft pink hue. It is considered as a love stone that can be used to resolve anger and disappointments and bring love and harmony to any situation.

This gem not only aids with romantic love but also unconditional love. It helps this feeling enter your life and bring your consciousness to a higher level by letting you see things through different perspectives.

Rose Quartz will also help you recognize your own need for compassion and see that you can deserve forgiveness and understanding from yourself.


  • As you wear this stone of unconditional love as a earrings grace, class and intrigue will be the words to describe the effect they will have on you. The gentle quiet color is perfect for wearing on the days you want to keep it subtle and feminine. The pair of them hanging majestically on your earlobes can be paired with a matching necklace for a more graceful look
  • The stone is known for a lot of love energy and will attract a lot of love and inspire more from within you. So on the days that you feel like showing love or inspiring it in others, wear a pair of Rose Quartz Earrings for good effect or give them out as a gift.
  • Pair these earrings with an outfit of a darker color to create contrast and if your hair is dark, even better. As you complete your exquisite look with the Rose Quartz earrings wear them with confidence and a smile because now you know that with all that love energy surrounding them you are definitely sending out strong vibrations of love, happiness, and warmth.


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